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yHEP: Know your footprint (Kyf-2024)


We, in the young High Energy Physicists (yHEP) association, want to encourage you to evaluate your carbon footprint for both private and professional life. Mitigating climate change and reducing carbon footprints can only occur when we understand the biggest contributors to our emissions, and can thus address them one by one. This tool is meant to help you gain a first understanding.


  • For the private footprint, we refer to the carbon calculator by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA). You will find a link later.

  • For the professional footprint in High Energy Physics (HEP) and related research areas, we have developed the calculator ourselves. A description of the calculations, the sources and the assumptions that went into it can be found here: arXiv:2403.03308

  • If you want, you can anonymously submit your result to yHEP at the end, so that we can gather some statistics regarding researchers in and related to Germany. But this is not mandatory. If you want to send us feedback on the survey, you will get a chance at the end as well.


We wish you interesting insights!




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